Pre-Fall Jitters

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Here in California, we are feeling the fall.  It’s cooler now earlier than usual and I haven’t had to use my AC; however there is still that warmth.  With that lovely feeling I am getting, I couldn’t help but to start getting creative.  I went back into my other closet (that winter one) to refresh my memory on what I had.  I pulled some fuzzy stuff, some dusters, some coats, but I was awed by the green tones that I dug up.  What I really lusted after were these hunter green faux leather leggings that I got last year from Forever 21.  OMG what a treasure! I really don’t like Forever 21, but I have to admit that sometimes, at the right time, you can find some amazing gems!

Being that cooler weather for us means in the 70’s, I took my green leggings and went back into my normal closet and starting looking for summer-like things I could pair if I wanted to wear it now.  My mind blew up when I realized I had the perfect cami to make a monochromatic outfit.  I was going to leave it at that, but a jacket of some sort just always makes life better.  So I decided to keep it neutral and grab my H&M ivory blazer and Jimmy Choo nudes.

Here I was lusting after myself as if I had just won the lottery.  I love it when putting together a new outfit takes less than five minutes and it ends up being your new fave… because we all know that not knowing or having anything to wear can be like a case of the “hangry.”  To top it all off, I used my Gorjana jewels.  Simple and delicate, yet intricate almost invisible, is my jam.

Later that day, I got inspired to jump on my computer to add more fall-y things to my closet.  I also decided to give Forever 21 another shot to see if I could find some more gems.  Then I made a video continuing my green-toned current obsession.  This time it was for olives.  I will link that video under the ‘videos’ section of this blog.  Once again, thanks so much for stopping!

Easy Like Sunday


It’s California.  We want Summer in Winter and Winter in Summer.  Being an island girl, I totally enjoy both especially since the winters have been warmer the past couple of years.  It’s September now and a Sunday brunch/trip to the beach has given us the introduction to Fall and the reality that summer is pretty much over.  In my attempt to salvage it, I wore my One Teaspoon shorts and All Saints leather jacket to stay comfortable in the cool breeze.  I have recently found acceptance that I am not blessed in the chest and got inspired to embrace it.  I bought a couple eyelash bralettes to wear under low cut tops that would previously show my bra when I attempted to try and be busty.  This was the perfect fix and the perfect edge I could add to my outfit.  I also recently bought a rag and bone hat that I can’t get off my head.  It kind of goes with everything.  Oh and let’s not forget about that Chanel clucth!  I was comfortable and happy.  It was easy like Sunday.